Ben Nye Stage Blood

$3.00 to $32.00 (1oz to 32oz) Available in multiple sizes from: Frends Beauty Supply When I placed my blood order from Frends last week, I also ordered a 1 ounce bottle of Ben Nye’s Stage Blood. I had never heard anything truly outstanding about this product, but I had also never tried it. Most of the reviews that(…)

My Blood Flo & Mouth Blood

$20.00 (approx 3oz/88ml) for the Sample Pack Available individually & in multiple sizes from: Frends Beauty Supply Now that I’ve already talked about my new favorite FX blood of all time, I think I should mention my first love in FX blood (and still my choice for mouth-safe blood). My Blood FX blood is a corn-syrup based blood(…)

Fleet St. Bloodworks Drying Blood

$18.00 (2oz/59ml) Available in multiple sizes from: Frends Beauty Supply Last week I called Frends Beauty Supply to place an order for some special effect blood. I’ve been a fan of My Blood for some time but I was in the mood to try something new – and I’ve always found the folks and Frends to(…)

FX Makeup: Creating a Bruise

Bruises (also called contusions when you visit your doctor) come in all different shapes, sizes and – to some extent – colors. They’re one of the easiest special effects to create, requiring very few products and a little bit of practice. Here’s a basic bruise effect that I created in about five minutes using only(…)

Ben Nye EW-4 Master Bruise Wheel

Hello DARKlings! It’s your old pal Count Raven InSAnE here! I was having the most marvelous dream this morning, you’ll never guess! I was a giant praying mantis – traveling the world and biting heads off all my enemies! I was JUST about to ring the doorbell to Ann Coulter house – she was queen of(…)

“But Sephora Won’t Ship to My Country!”

My recent review and swatch video for Tarte’s Swept Away Collector’s Set brought about yet another round of “I wish [makeup company] would ship to where I live” comments. While I’m not saying that Tarte (or any other company for that matter) SHOULDN’T ship to where you live, I thought this brought up an excellent topic for discussion. FIRST: The first thing you(…)

Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

$45.00 USD  Available from: Nigel Beauty Emporium I bought this palette recently while shopping for the Ben Nye contour creams that everyone keeps telling me about. It’s a neutral palette (not really my thing) BUT it’s all matte shades AND only having used a handful of Ben Nye shadows before, I was eager to get my(…)

Cinderella by Sephora Compact Mirror

$20.00 USD  Available for a Limited Time, Exclusively from: Sephora You’d have to know me to know that I’d rarely buy something from a Disney collection… even more though, I’d never buy something from a Disney princess collection! Imagine then, my surprise when I saw the Disney Cinderella Collection Compact Mirror on-line at Sephora and thought to myself, “I must(…)

Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set

$54.00 USD  Available for a Limited Time, Exclusively from: Sephora If this Sephora exclusive gift set from Tarte seems like it’s giving you a ton of goodies for a the price, that’s because it is! The eyeshadows alone are worth well more than the the $54 price tag (did I mention there’s 24 of them?). They aren’t skinny versions(…)

Skincare Routine: Oily Skin by Jay

Personal Skincare Routine for Oily Skin I don’t get a lot of acne, but I do get it – and often! Too much of this, too much of that and my skin says “Hey! You won a zit! And wait, you didn’t win just one – but two!” …so I’ve had to come up with a routine that keeps(…)